Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The portal offering fantasy games in India is operated by TINYWATCH ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE LIMITED through the web portal, partner websites, and mobile applications (collectively referred to as the "Portal"). TINYWATCH ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE LIMITED is referred to as "Risingwarriors," "we," "us," or "our" in this document.

Anyone who uses the portal (starting now referred to as "User," "you," or "your") or any of its features, including participation in competitions, games (including fantasy games), and services (from now on referred to as "Services") on the portal, is subject to this privacy policy.

Risingwarriors places a high value on user privacy and is dedicated to protecting it. Intending to provide its customers with a rich and comprehensive internet experience, Risingwarriors provides a wide range of services. To learn more about Risingwarriors, please visit the website's "About Us" section. Most of the services are free; however, registration is required for some, such as the online games on Risingwarriors.

Risingwarriors assembles data about users in two ways:

  • ( i) Through the information that users on their initiative provide.
  • (ii) Through the information that is automatically tracked as users browse Risingwarriors.

Before submitting any data to the portal, please read this privacy policy to learn how we will handle your personal information. By using the portal, you consent to collecting, using, disclosing, and transferring your personal information for the purposes outlined in this privacy statement. Additionally, you consent to collecting, processing, and storing this data.

You consent to collecting, using, and disseminating your personal information following this privacy statement by using the portal in any way. If you disagree with this privacy statement, you should not use the portal. Please keep in mind that if you choose to withhold certain information from us, withdraw your consent to the collection of certain information, request the temporary halting of information collection, or request the deletion of collected information, you may not be able to fully utilize the range of features and services provided to you. We maintain whatever authority is needed to decline to give you our administrations. Even though you can do so, we reserve the right to refuse to provide you with our services.

  • 1. Mobile Number
  • 2. Password
  • 3. Email address
  • 4. Date of birth

By providing us with access to the Services, you give us permission to collect and store information about your device, operating system, network, and location to verify your identity, protect your account information, and enable you to use the portal's features. You might also be required to provide additional information, such as your Permanent Account Number.

By providing their email address, users can invite other users to participate in any services ("Invited Users"). The user represents and warrants that the invited users have given Risingwarriors permission to use and disclose their username and email address. After that, Risingwarriors may use this information to contact the Invited user to join Risingwarriors and play the game the Invited user invited them to. The terms of this privacy statement and the portal's rules govern the invited user's participation in any game.

All vital data will be utilized to offer types of assistance, including yet not restricted to the administrations the client has mentioned and specific to the game or administrations that the client plans to get to or take part in.

When a user requests a service, when we are required to comply with the law, when we need to stop fraud or an imminent threat, or when we need to ensure the safety of our network and services, Risingwarriors may also share this information with affiliates and third parties.


Risingwarriors may also share the information you provide with third-party service providers it has hired for data analytics or similar purposes and data about how you use the services and games. This is done for storage, better service, and to serve you better.

The Risingwarriors web servers automatically collect a small amount of information about the user's Internet connection, such as the user's IP address, whenever the user visits the portal. A client's IP address is a number that tells gadgets associated with the web where to send information to the client, similar to the pages the client visits. The user is not personally identifiable by their IP address. Risingwarriors uses this information to tailor the portal to its users' interests, keep track of what users do on the portal, and provide advertisers with information about where Risingwarriors visitors come from.

Website Link

Risingwarriors also contains links to other websites. They govern the privacy policies of these websites, and Risingwarriors does not influence them. Once a user leaves Risingwarriors , the use of any information provided by the user is subject to the privacy policies of the website operator (the user can check the URL in the browser's location bar to see where they are).

Security techniques

Under the control of Risingwarriors, all information gathered on Risingwarriors is securely stored in a database. The database is stored on firewall-protected servers, and only those with a need-to-know password can access these servers.Additionally, any information you post to the discussion areas will be accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Risingwarriors asserts that the internet is an ever-evolving medium. Our privacy policy may be reviewed and updated frequently without informing you in advance to reflect upcoming changes. We will always use the information we obtain following the policy under which it was obtained, regardless of the new policy. By checking this page for updates to our privacy policy, you can always be informed about the information we collect, how we use it, how we store it, and when we disclose it.


Advertisers can learn more about our audience and see why Risingwarriors is an excellent place to advertise by receiving aggregate statistics about how many people visit various pages on our website. When you sign up for Risingwarriors, we occasionally contact you to inform you of content updates and new features you'll find helpful.

These emails, blogs, and websites. Likewise, there is no connection between the supporting materials and Risingwarriors. We strongly advise you not to respond to these emails or visit the websites, blogs, etc., for your safety. mentioned above. We may contact you using the information you provided to Risingwarriors, such as your phone number or email address, to inquire about the services you have utilized or, if applicable, to inform you of any updates.

Risingwarriors does not guarantee that this portal, its servers, or emails sent by us or on our behalf are free of viruses. Risingwarriors shall not be liable for any claims of third parties or direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or consequential damages arising from the use of this portal, including compensatory damages, loss of data, goodwill, businees oppertunity, income or profit,loss of or damage to property.Risingwarriors will not pay for any damages in any case.

Maintaining data

The Contest(s) shall be governed by "Rules" posted on the website and Other rules and guidelines, including rules regarding any payments made to participate in the Contest(s), and all Participants agree to abide by the same. These rules and guidelines are in addition to the Terms and Conditions and other guidelines listed here.


We may keep and use your personal information until (i) the purposes for which it was originally collected no longer apply, (ii) we are no longer required to do so by applicable law, regulations, contractual obligations, or legitimate business purposes, and (iii) the storage of your personal information is no longer required to establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights.

By sending an email to with a written request, users can request that Risingwarriors delete their user accounts and personal information.

In lieu of having your account deleted, you can request one of the following by emailing You will still be able to access other areas of the Portal even if your account is suspended, but you will no longer be able to participate in paid contests on your user account. You will no longer be able to access the Portal if your account is temporarily deactivated; however, you will be able to request reactivation of your account with all of your account information.

Jurisdiction and application of law

By using this portal, you agree that this privacy policy will be governed by Indian law without regard to principles of conflict of law and that any disputes arising from it will be settled following the dispute resolution procedure outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

Updating the information: You promise to immediately notify Risingwarriors of any information updates, modifications, or updates. You can also examine, update, or modify your user preferences by logging into your profile page on the portal.