Fair Play Policy


Risingwarriors views maintaining a culture of fair play as one of our primary responsibilities as a fantasy gaming venue. We stick rigorously to the High Court's meaning of a "talent-based contest," which includes the power of the player's information, preparation, consideration, and experience all through the game progression of our application. Fantasy sports are a moral and legal way to indulge in your passions because we do not support gambling, betting, or any other form of cheating.

The unfair play policy of Risingwarriors stipulates

  • All of your recommended friends should have their PAN cards validated.
  • A user who creates multiple accounts on the Risingwarriors platform will be considered to have broken the platform's Fair Play rules.
  • It is against the rules at Risingwarriors to attempt to withdraw money through illegal or illegitimate means.
  • If a user is found to have submitted forged copies or documents while registering with Risingwarriors, the Fair Play Terms will be violated.

Disobeying Risingwarriors play rules has the following consequences

As part of the punishment for violating the Fair Play terms at Risingwarriors, the user whose account is found to have broken the rules will have it immediately blocked.

In some instances, the user who broke the Fair Play rules of Risingwarriors will also have their entire wallet balance reduced to zero.

We guarantee openness and confidence throughout the process, from team selection to withdrawal, supported by our 24-hour help and support center to provide you with the best fantasy sports experience possible. We do not, however, offer services in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana because pay-to-play online gaming is prohibited there. To learn more about the legal aspects of the fantasy sports market, please visit our Legalities Tab.